English Toffee

This toffee is exactly what you would imagine fine English toffee to be. Rich buttery, crunchy toffee, roasted almond flavor all the way through and of course a combination of fine milk chocolates. Those are the flavors that are found in every bite.

      All Occasion - 1 lb                      Holiday - 1 lb                                 Fall - 1 lb


          Hanakah - 1 lb              Mothers day/Spring - 1lb                Valentine - 1lb

              Gold Tin - 2 lb



Overseas orders prices may vary

Marjorie's Candies and Cookies has been making English Toffee for over 10 years.

Our customers come back over and over to send English Toffee as gifts to family, friend, and business associates.

Once you try this English Toffee you will also agree and bookmark our site for all your special occasions.